continent. maps a topology of unstable confluences and ranges across new thinking, traversing interstices and alternate directions in culture, theory, biopolitics and art.
Reproduciendo en L'Automàtica, Barcelona 
Reproducing at L’Automatica, Barcelona

Reproduciendo en L'Automàtica es un encuentro de lectura, discusión y producción sobre la maternidad como modo de creación, cuidado y acompañamiento. Una colaboración entre dos colectivos autónomos experimentales —la revista online de pensamiento y la imprenta asociativa L'Automàtica— en la cual invitamos a abrir un espacio de discusión que pueda nutrir los problemas y potenciales de dar a luz a todas las cosas creadas, escritas, construidas, generadas, diseñadas, moldeadas y compuestas. 

¿Nos exigen las labores de publicación de textos, creación de imágenes, edición, impresión y reproducción, “amar a nuestros monstruos” y “matar a nuestros seres queridos”? ¿Responden estos impulsos a los mismos tipos de cuidado, atención y tutela que están presentes en los desgastadores y ambiguos actos de paciencia, amor, dificultad, altruismo, amistad, atención y responsabilidad vinculados a la maternidad? ¿Qué responsabilidad (respuesta-habilidad) asumimos o presumimos cuando damos a luz cosas, palabras, ideas, y cuando las tejemos en el material (materia o madre) de, por ejemplo, una página impresa?

Durante cinco días de colaboración, en mayo, invitamos a escritores, artistas, pensadores, madres, padres, hijos e hijas interesados en esta interpelación a la maternidad, a compartir pensamientos, voces, palabras, textos, imágenes, sonidos y acciones —nuevas y viejas—, que se recogerán en un objeto impreso, producido y reproducido in situ en el taller de L'Automàtica. Las resonancias entre maternidad y labores creativas, desde lo anecdótico a lo analítico, de lo filosófico a lo cotidiano, son todas alentadas y más que bienvenidas. Tras estos días de primavera esperamos crear juntos un compendio de cuidados, un manual de hospitalidad, un juego de cartas de custodia que se obsequiarán a los asistentes. ¿Hay algo que quieras “criar” junto a nosotros?

Estamos muy agradecidos de contar con el apoyo de HANGAR y del Consulado General de Suiza en Barcelona por hacer posible esta reunión en Barcelona.

Reproducing at L’Automatica, Barcelona is five days (23 - 27 May) of reading, discussions, writing and making in the Catalan capital about maternity, as a mode of creation, care, and continuance. A collaboration between two experimental, autonomous collectives interested in the composition of publics — the online journal continent. and the community print shop L’Automatica — invite discussions that nurture the problems and potentials of giving birth to all things made, authored, built, generated, designed, shaped, knocked together and knocked up.

Do the presumed public making labours of writing, making images, publishing, printing and reproduction require us to “love our monsters” and “kill our darlings”? Do these impulses speak to those same kinds of care, attention and guardianship, that are present in the consuming and ambiguous patience, love, hardship, altruism, friendship, attention and responsibilities of motherhood? What response-ability do we assume or presume when we give birth to things, to words, to ideas, and then weave them into the material (mater, or mother) of, for example, a printed page.

Over five days of collaboration in May, we invite writers, artists, thinkers, mothers, fathers, sons and daughters interested in this questioning of motherhood, to share thoughts, voice, words, texts, images, sounds and actions —new and old— that will find their way into printed object, produced and reproduced on site with L’Automatica. Resonances between motherhood and creative labor, from the anecdotal to the analytic, the philosophical to the everyday, are all encouraged and more than welcomed. By the end of these Spring days in Barcelona we hope to create, together, a compendium of care, a handbook of hospitality or a card deck of custodianship, gifted to all those in attendance, and beyond. Is there anything you would like to "bring up”?

We are most grateful to have the support of HANGAR, and of the Consulado General de Suiza en Barcelona for these occasions in Barcelona.


Reproducing at L’Automàtica, Barcelona is a 5-day workshop that attempts to elucidate the many meanings of parenthood, motherhood and ‘bringing something or someone up’ in relation to labor of texts and the ramifications that the maternal and parental plays in art and cultural production communities. Here reproduction, printing, publishing, and public making hover around keywords such as hardship, patience, love, altruism, brotherhood, sisterhood, care, friendship, attention, family, birth.

Through readings and new writings at L’Automatica, continent and guests with lived and intellectual experiences of these subjects are invited to participate, culminating in a compilation of texts, produced at the print shop, from new and existing writings, images, sketches, figures, diagrams and other things.
The workshop is for writers, artists, thinkers, designers, mothers, fathers, sons and daughters of all genders and cultures, ethnicities, languages and communities, concerned about the question of motherhood and labour, to share thoughts, words and texts.

With a rising consciousness about the effects of motherhood on creative labour and the materiality that is created in those situations, the conversation takes root in philosophical, sociological and also concrete examples of daily life. We hope to trace lines and words, out of margins, where intersectional, material, trans-post-forward-all-gendered-ungendered motherhoods breathe and create expanded knowledge practices about bodies and our relation to birth, celebration, care, spiritualities, cultures and tradition (Western and otherwise) are shaped, constrained and modulated.

The end result will be a compilation of collective thoughts about the subject in an unfinished book of flying pages. The format we propose is the following:

  • Wednesday: 16h - 19h: Getting to know each other, reading and planning
  • Thursday: 10h - 18h: Reading, writing and planning the publication
  • Friday: 10h -18h: Writing, designing and the first production steps
  • Saturday: 10-18h production day, polishing ideas, finalising
  • Sunday: 10h final touches, fixing up the space, 12h Open doors session, presentation of the publication at L'Automàtica.

Themes addressed include… From pregnancy to birth (Hannah Arendt’s nativity, becoming two, from being pregnant with a subject to the birth of a form); Weiberwerk & Kinderspiel (Women’s work and child’s play, describing an advanced, everyday but also alchemical state in which nothing can be done except keeping the fire burning); monsters (Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein experience, creating and loving and being monsters, “killing your darlings”); love and care (bringing up a text, reproduction and publication, letting go, the aftermaths of a text); mothers and fathers with/out children, and the parenting of each other and of other (human and nonhuman) things; precarization through love.

We would also invite you to bring along any and all objects, texts, illustrations, documents, symptoms and evidence of motherhood and its traces in life, love, literature, film, media, law… or anything else we might be generous enough to bring up.

Please contact for further practical information. The main language used will be English, so some comprehension will be helpful but not essential. There is no fee to participate, but capacity is limited, so please let us know if you’re coming.

Readings & Resources

A few suggested readings and references here

Wednesday, May 23rd to Sunday May 27th, 2018
(Daily schedule to follow...)
Carrer de la Legalitat 18
08024 Barcelona, ​​Spain

Please bring your friends, children, wine, food, animals, umbrellas, baskets, toys, ideas...