continent. maps a topology of unstable confluences and ranges across new thinking, traversing interstices and alternate directions in culture, theory, biopolitics and art.
Issue 2.4 / 2012: 229

Letter from the Editors

Jamie Allen, Paul Boshears, Nico Jenkins
As we mentioned in our letter for the seventh issue, there was a good deal of traveling for the continent. crew during the fall of 2012. This current issue presents materials collected from those excursions and closes out the second volume of our publication. Peter Burleigh of the University of Basel shares his thoughts on the art event during the Aesthetics in the 21st Century conference. From their panel discussion at the Biennial Meeting of the Babel Working Group, the editors present the text of their conversation. The absolutely crucial and unceasingly inspiring Eileen A. Joy shares her clarion call to create and foster new domains of thinking-together.

At the invitation of Publish and Be Damned, continent. found itself in Stockholm for their publishing fair hosted by the Swedish Contemporary Art Foundation. The timing of this event was propitious as we were preparing the final versions of our first printed volume (published by Punctum Books). With this in mind, our code editor created a stage for the luminaries of the Nordic independent book making scene to play with our signature red block.

Photography is prominent in this issue, as it would happen: Peter Burleigh discusses the photographs of Walter Derungs, there are the photos from Sweden, Timothy Morton and Paul Thomas share a photographic stroll through a Sydney neighborhood, and Alexander Galloway discusses François Laruelle's fiction-photography arriving at a utopian technique free from representation.

2013 is shaping up to be a remarkable one for the good ship continent. With the Department of Eagles we are hosting our first conference in Tirana, Albania. We will be sponsoring a series of events in Mexico City that will culminate in a special issue with figures from the so-called Slovenian School. The drift issue will be available this summer... just a host of activities.

We thank you for taking us with you and we welcome your collaborations.

Issue 2.4 / 2012

Jamie Allen
Copenhagen Institute of Interactive Design

Born in Canada, and working primarily between New York, the UK and now Copenhagen, Jamie has been involved with emerging technologies as a designer, researcher, artist and teacher for over 12 years.

Paul Boshears
European Graduate School

I am an Atlanta-based communications specialist. I co-edit the journal continent. and I am actively engaged in the city's arts communities in a variety of capacities both administrative and creative.

Nico Jenkins
Husson University

Nico Jenkins is ABD at the European Graduate School and at work on his dissertation, provisionally entitled, “The Violence of Naming.” He is a Visiting Lecturer in Philosophy and Ethics at Husson University, as well as an artist and writer on and of various things.