continent. maps a topology of unstable confluences and ranges across new thinking, traversing interstices and alternate directions in culture, theory, biopolitics and art.
Issue 3.2 / 2013: 1-2

Introduction to the drift Special Issue

Berit Soli-Holt

On behalf of continent. and as a representative of guest editors, April Vannini and Jeremy Fernando, I would like to welcome you to the drift, special issue of continent. In the summer of 2012, April and I set forth a proposal to the editors of continent. that would engage with a manipulation of the structure of how a journal's materials are curated, accrued, and compiled. The following issue is the partial final product of what our Statement of Intent calls an "attempt to give the scene for an emergence and what can become conceivable when given the opportunity to create chains of thought—linking, welding, fusing, looping, stitching."

In this issue you will find the details of the initial scene of drift in the Statement of Intent & Original Documents. This compilation of documents made up (and yet makes) the core of the project's explanatory measures and accompanies the accruing contributions as they are sent from one person to the next. What follows are two of the three threads that were sent out from Singapore, Singapore; Gabriola Island, Canada; and Denver, Colorado. Each piece was written once the accruing contributions were received through the postal system(s). Each contributor (after the initial contributor) chose the next person to participate in the issue, thus not only directing the content by providing a piece, but also by continuing to extend the invitation.

The results of the drift that you will encounter in this issue are only a portion of the entirety of the project. As drifting things will do, the third thread, between mischief & disobedience, lived up to it's scene of emergence and got caught up in the mail system between Austria and Scotland at the same time between space & place required some emergency attention. It is the intention of the drift editors to allow this thread to live past the original five contributors to gather twice as many and to publish the entire set along with the contributions you will find here in a physical form in the next year.

To attempt a general consensus amongst my selves, my fellow guest editors, and editors of continent. as to what has transpired here under the name of drift would be a disservice to a project still in motion. However, what can already be seen in the documents accrued through the two threads, between space & place and between attention & intention, is a gesture of how one approach moves into the next and then into the next. In between space & place the thread beginning in a wondering of a shaping of "between" moves into narrative, images (both visual and written), and manifestos. The nature of between attention & intention, on the other hand, accumluates in intertextual references amongst the contributors before culminating in poetry.

While the movement of thought from one piece to another is the intended method of experiencing the between-ness of drift, I leave the reader to follow their own threads through this drift special issue of continent.


We would also like to thank Jason Wagner of Univocal Publishing for his help in the PDF rendering process of drift. You will notice that the PDF copies of the pieces appear differently than that of the usual house-style of continent. This was to preserve the linearity and personality of the original materials as they were accumulated.