continent. maps a topology of unstable confluences and ranges across new thinking, traversing interstices and alternate directions in culture, theory, biopolitics and art.
Issue 3.2 / 2013: 3-7

Statement of Intent & Original Documents

Berit Soli-Holt, April Vannini, Jeremy Fernando

On the 15th of October, 2012, three large envelopes were sent out from Vancouver, Denver, & Singapore. Included in each of them were the following documents, amended only to suit each editor's thread. (The third thread between mischeif and disobedience has been allowed to follow its practice in its own way and will be published at a later date.)

The first two contributors for each thread were already chosen by the drift editors who picked two thinkers each, although the curation of which contributor would participate in what thread was jointly curated. The first contributors were chosen by their respective editors, and the second chosen by the other editors thus insuring varied addressees. The first to receive the drift package were aware of what they would be receiving and were instructed to choose the third contibutor for each thread, notifying them as soon as they could to allow for a thinking beforehand. They then sent on the package with their addition to the second contributor who they did not choose.

This process continued until 5 contributors had included their material and the entirety of the materials were sent back to the editors.

These are the documents that accompanied the process from start to finish.

(Please note that the original documents mark June 2013 as the expected publishing date of the drift special issue of continent. While this issue was originally planned to be published in early summer, due to continent.'s own drifting, early autumn became the possible moment of the drift's visibility.)




a special issue of continent.
Salish Sea Archipelago, Gabriola Island,Canada
Rocky Mountains, Denver, U.S.A.
Little Red Dot, Singapore, Singapore

15 October 2012 Updated: 5 January 2013

Dearest Contributor,

Greetings, welcome to participation in drift for a special issue of continent. forthcoming June 2013. Chances are that you have already been notified of the invitation to contribute, but now that we have your undivided attention, here is what drift entails.

The general premise of drift is to generate the form of a thread of contributions building off of each other instead of a panel of editors choosing from seemingly isolated contributions to build an issue of a journal. We have included our Statement of Intent with this package to provide the originating inspiration for this project.

What this means for you is that we will accept whatever you would like to provide based on the recommendation of someone who has already contributed. Part of the nature of the drift project is also the limitation of time and materials. As stated earlier, you probably have been made aware of the arrival of this package. We hope that you have in part prepared yourself for we request that you send along the contents of the package sent to you, along with your contribution, to the next address on the Contributor Manifest in two weeks. If you are among the first three contributors, you are asked to add an address of someone of your choosing to receive the invitation to be a part of this issue.

There are three threads of matter and thought sent out from the originating editors April Vannini (Gabriola Island, BC), Berit Soli-Holt (Denver, Colorado) and guest editor Jeremy Fernando (Singapore, Singapore). Our overarching theme of drift is ‘between’. Each one of us has placed two concepts on either side of a possible ‘between’. You are invited to contribute to the wildness of what can be found in your particular ‘between’. You will find the editor of your thread and the questions directed through the thread on the Guidelines page.

Please look over the original documents including the Protocol & Guidelines, Statement of Intent, and the Contributor Manifest, as well as the material in the process of being accrued. We request that once you have received the package, that you email the person who sent it to you, the editor of your thread, and Berit ( so that general maintenance and planning can take place as the materials get closer to be returned to the editors. The editors would also like to state at this point that this journal is in care of a radical hospitality. You hold one-third of the entirety of the summer special issue of continent. in your hands and the space of time that you contribute to this issue will have a direct impact not only on following contributors but on the options of publication that the editors will have to choose from. We appreciate your acceptance of this responsibility and trust that you will manage the time allotted for your work.

We have not been too forward in our Internet techno updates on the drift issue as we want the little beast to have its own life while drifting, but we do have two places on the web to interact: and our Facebook page, These places are made for the public dispersion of information regarding the project, but we will also be contacting you directly from our accrued email list of contributors in regards to the movement of the project once it is out of your hands.

We look forward to receiving your contribution!
drift editors
Berit, April & Jeremy



Statement of Intent
a special issue of continent.

The discussion that has become the drift, a special issue of continent. began in the glow of a bonfire beside a lake near the Thousand Islands of Ontario when co-founders April and Berit came across a conception of a journal that would decline to follow traditional models of invitation and editorship, instead following a generated discourse through relational means. Shedding preemptive articulation of expected outcome and cohesion, we hope to light a fuse of chain interactions with each contributor active in authorial, editorial, and curatorial roles. The drift seeks to allow the framing mechanism to choose itself, to find where something can flow or emerge in relation to a series of participants. By setting out a thread of thought to work its own way through writers and artists of various locations, the drift operates through links, breaks, pauses, new directions, unintended consequences, twists, holes, bridges. The editors attempt to give the scene for an emergence and what can become conceivable when given the opportunity to create chains of thought—linking, welding, fusing, looping, stitching. We hope to explore what is attainable when scholarly/artistic relationships transverse on their own terms instead of articulated by an institutional environment.

What the editors intend to ^do^ to impart this conceptualization is to provide a framework through the choice of a theme and by minimal standardization of form and content guidelines. As initial instigator, each editor will send their contribution to the issue to a fellow colleague, thinker, artist, friend with the invitation to send (via post) the accruing materials to another possible contributor. In this, the editors hope to engage with many individuals on ideas surrounding a specific theme determined but not limited by the editors of the drift. The end result will take the form of whatever is at hand (as materials can only stay with each contributor for two weeks) and whomever is at hand (the availability of interested and capable parties) through a course of five months. We are curious. What are the way in which thought can emerge between individuals and places? What occurs when our fundamental mode of inquiry is between each other? How are ethical, social, spacious, political, aesthetic practices created between a chain of contributors?

There is the intent to subvert the relational qualities between people in journal publishing, but also important to the editors is the subversion of materials. The editors do not shy away from use of contemporary technology and, in fact, have relied and will continue to rely on the wonders of internet connectivity to midwife the drift. The connective infrastructure chosen to relay the developing issue is simply one of bodies, of postal workers and the varying postal systems. Some may find it to be merely be a call of an already dying form, but the editors believe that the conversation exchanged from hand to hand is of explicit difference in quality of engagement due to the complexity of peripheral information transported by physical matter. Different hospitalities and responsibilities are at play in keeping hold of one-of-a-kind materials for a time and entrusting various postal systems to bear the message forward. To have work physically transported through space and time through this kind of infrastructure that is reliant on individuals to literally carry a message is crucial in incorporating traces of bodily presence.

With all this stated, the editors of the drift are aware of the active fault and the quaking potential and ethical catastrophe of such a proposed project—the inheritance or the gifting of a project without consent. We are certain that there may be possible oversight on the process of such a project. If such is the case, we hope that oversight and misdirection will not leave this project dormant but rather open up promising new directions, questions, and potential considerations. We are very excited about the accidental propositions that can occur in between. In sum, we'll see what happens.

Co-Founders April Vannini & Berit Soli-Holt



Protocol & Contribution Guidelines
June 2013 continent. * the drift issue

OUR THEME: between
YOUR EDITOR: *either April Vannini, Jeremy Fernando, or Berit Soli-Holt
YOUR THREAD: *either between space & place, between intention & attention, or between mischeif & disobedience*


  • The contents of the package you have just received should include:
    • Welcome Letter
    • Statement of Intent
    • Protocol & Contribution Guidelines
    • Contributor Manifest
    • Accrued Articles & Items of Interest
    • A USB stick for digital contributions
  • You have 2 weeks from the arrival of these materials to send the entirety of this package along with your own contribution to the next in line on the Contributor Manifest.
  • If you would like to send it sooner, all the better.
  • If for some reason you are unable to contribute at this time, please notify editors immediately. We have emergency protocol for this instance.
  • If you are one of the first three contributors, please add the address of who you would like this thread to be sent to in the next available slot.
  • We recommend alerting your chosen person of the arrival of this thread so that they can begin mulling over possibilities.
  • Please go to to record your acceptance of thread.
  • We have provided form & content guidelines for adherence within reason, but other than that go nuts.
  • (And of course, don’t forget to send it within 2 weeks.) For what happens after, please keep reading for “What to Expect”.



  • Written entries
    • Theoretical, philosophical, poetic, etc.
    • Between 750 & 1500 words
    • Please include a physical copy as well as a digital copy on the provided USB thumb drive.
  • Physical copy visual entries
    • Unfortunately at this time we are unable to support sculptural entries due to cost of mailing. Please utilize a two-dimensional-ish form as much as possible.
    • No more than 5 pages of visual data
    • Please include a physical copy as well as a digital copy/scan on the provided USB thumb drive.
  • Audio/Video entries
    • We have provided a USB drive to house these unphysical items, but if for some reason you have chosen to record on a cassette tape, well, we’ll figure out a way to digitize it for inclusion online and appreciate your help by perhaps including a digital version on the USB drive as well.
    • Because of the hopefully physical publishing of the journal, the editors would like to request some kind of physical artifact in connection to digital recordings. This could be a prop list, a script, notes, doodles, recipe followed that night after recording, poster found on a walk, etc.
    • Video recordings: no more than 3 minutes
    • Musical recordings: no more than 5 minutes
    • Spoken recordings: no more than 7 minutes



  • The concatenary structure and the time limit placed on the production seeks to find the contributor in a specific time and place. Acknowledging the bounds of these limitations is encouraged.
  • The overarching theme & your specific thread are chosen to augur a specific discussion, but pushing the boundaries of what can be said within the borders of said discussion is excellent.
  • The editors advocate use of the preceding contributions but it is not mandatory. If accrued material is used, please be respectful.
  • If the time limit and/or theme links to a contributor's works in progress, the editors encourage the use of said material. The only stipulation is that the work contributed remain original for the inclusion in the June 2013 drift issue of continent.
  • It is imperative to contribute original material as you would in any other academic journal. Any use of otherwise copyrighted material requires that permissions have been granted from appropriate parties. While the editors can assist in this, the weight of responsibility rests with the contributors to line up their ducks.



  • The editors have a web hub on to track the accrued material of the drift issue as well as to answer any questions that may arise during its travels.
  • This hub will also provide any news about the development of the drift issue and to connect contributors, editors and other continent. projects.
  • If you would like to contact the editors directly, please contact the editor in charge of your thread.
  • The editors encourage any suggestions as well. The point of our process to grow a journal through organic means and additions, subtractions, and manipulations are mandatory for survival.


The Drift Project will be published as a special issue of continent. this coming June 2013. There will definitely be a digital web format for this issue. In addition, the editors are working out the details of a physical copy as well as possible symposiums to be held simultaneously in Canada, Germany, and the US around the same time as the publication. The website will be integral for information concerning this and once the accrued material has been returned to original editors, a group email of all the participants will be compiled and information on upcoming events and invitations for further participation will be extended at this time. We are slated to have the accrued material returned to the editors by the end of January 2013. Stay tuned and thank you for your participation!

Also included was a list of the accruing/ed addresses, which by obvious reasons in the name of privacy we will not be publishing.