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Verwandlungsmusik: Chimerization

Primary Information is a small press in New York City focused on fostering inter-generational dialogue between artists involved in, or indebted to, the strands of conceptual practice that began in the mid 60′s and consider the use of publication as part and parcel with their strategies. Recently they announced that one of their 2012 publications will be a text, Chimerization, by the composer Florian Hecker.

The book will document the latest of the research Hecker has been involved in at MIT on the subject of auditory chimaera –– the technical process of exchanging the envelope of one sound with the fine structure of another. The announcement for the text elaborates that, “the concept of the Auditory Chimaeras allows one to explore the relation between pitch perception and sound localization as they reveal a possible acoustic basis for the hypothesized ‘what’ and ‘where’ pathways in the auditory cortex”. Wedged between radical sound art and the neurobiology of perception, what’s of note to PI’s world of artist’s books is the way the text promises to realize its subject as an experimental typographic intervention –– a typotranslation of the sound works developed by Hecker into the technological enclave of the printed book.
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