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The Unofficial View of Tirana (25)—in response to Adam.

Occupy Skanderbeg Square (before they fix it)

As the unofficial Occupy-franchise establishes branches around the Western world, it is never too early to start addressing the nearly unbearable features of the inflections of peacefulness outside the places where it is proper not to “harass” anyone, the United States. My colleague A. Staley Groves has already ventured into an analysis of the movement along the line of affect labor and its effects on language, and rightly so. Groves asked whether “this occupation rejecting the cellularization of labor, that is, the alignment of a labor, of an activity so finely defined that we are mourning for a more whole creativity as what could be still human, or in fact, a transitionary figure of the human?” While this may be a correct evaluation of the “movement of movements,” as Naomi Klein stated (thus showing that the American specter of supremacy still stands strong even among the so-called radical left), those affective qualities have not survived their transcontinental transplantation, transforming into what may only be called “ironic labor.” The copy (Amsterdam) of the copy (Wall St) of Tahrir Square — as the canonic hagiography goes.
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