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Plane Suspense: A Comment on Debate Aesthetics

As if irony has built-up over the last decade, the recent Republican Presidential Debate was held in the Reagan Library. There eight candidates stood at their podiums slightly beneath and behind the tail of Reagan’s Air Force One. How is it that the image of a suspended plane in a building comes so close to the anniversary of 9/11? How is it that the moment of penetration by aircraft is presented now as if a touch of reconciliation would be possible? This is more or less a play of a signifier yet the semantic meaning begs a mediation on justice.
If Reagan, as alleged by his supporters, “defeated communism” what 9/11 produced is all too familiar by way of policy. If communism was the abolishment of all private property the security apparatus that continues today erodes any possibility of private life. Heretical thoughts and general dissent are profanations. This releases a strain in our thinking which contributes to the popular if not synthetic screaming radicalism of the day. In an age focused on polar truths we are lost to articulate the similarities between worlds. We have yet to understand the presence of communism in an age of unfettered capitalism. Continue reading…